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Month: September 2019

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Mixed Reality – Boosting the Live Sports Experience

Today we bring you a topic which is on Mixed Reality, an off-beat topic related on this website. In the case of purchasing season tickets to watch your preferred group, arranging a review party for the Super Bowl, or playing an amicable match at the neighborhood park on the end of the week, social connection…
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Email Spam Law Businesses Must Follow

Today we bring you most important topic on Email Spam Law. There are nearly 4 billion active email users around the world. So it makes sense that email is one of the most popular ways for businesses to reach out to potential customers. But you cannot simply reach out to anyone and everyone via email whenever…
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Audience: Identify Your True Web Audience

As conscious digital marketers, many of us feel that we know our customer base or customer demographics. These are the web audience we think we want to reach and captivate. However, it begs the question: Do you really know your true web audience? Are you targeting the right group of people with our marketing efforts?…
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AI – Artificial Intelligence Prevents Fraud

AI Bottom Line: The future of AI-based fraud prevention relies on the combination of supervised and unsupervised machine learning. Rule-based engines and simple predictive models could identify the majority of fraud attempts in the past, yet they aren’t keeping up with the scale and severity of fraud attempts today. Fraud attempts and breaches are more…
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