5 Benefits of Mail Marketing

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5 Benefits of Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing is an effective marketing technique that is sometimes forgotten in today’s internet age. Offers sent to consumers through the mail usually include a sales letter, full-color brochure, prepaid envelope, and order form. There are also magazines and inserts available for smaller companies to take advantage of mail marketing.There are a number of benefits awaiting business owners who choose the mail system as the medium to market their products and services.

Highly Targeted

The ability to target consumers most likely to be interested in your business offerings is a major benefit to marketing through the mail. Mailing list distributors like Dun and Bradstreet and the Direct marketing Association compile and sell the mailing lists needed for your mail marketing campaigns.

One example of how this works is a small business owner who sells health products and vitamins in her local market. The business owner can purchase a list of customers who live in the area and are interested in the products sold at the store owned by the business owner. He or she can then produce ads that will invite consumers to visit the store.


Consumers have received and sent mail for most of their lives. It is also a method of communication that has been used between business owners and potential customers for years.

In one survey, nearly 60 percent of consumers polled said they enjoy receiving mail advertisements telling them of new products. While some customers, especially older ones, may not be as comfortable with many of the digital marketing techniques, mail marketing is something with which they are completely comfortable.

Cost Effective

Mail marketing stands out among today’s marketing techniques due to its cost-effectiveness. This gives small business owners the opportunity to make use of a marketing technique that has proven to be beneficial while not breaking the budget.

One business reported its return on investment for its mail marketing campaign is consistently in the 400 percent range. The business owner credits mail marketing with being the backbone of his business success.


Direct mail marketing uses tangible products, unlike digital marketing. The message you wish to deliver to consumers will arrive in their mailbox. The consumer will then be able to see an touch your marketing materials before making a decision on what to do with them.

Forty-two percent of people that receive direct mail advertising at least scan the material they pull from their mailbox. This number is attributed to the physical nature of marketing materials received through the mail. This provides a significant advantage over search engine marketing, email marketing, and display ads which are forced to compete for the attention of the consumer.

Compliment Digital Marketing Efforts

A mail marketing campaign can work well with your digital marketing efforts. This multi-channel approach has proven to increase conversions by 28 percent. One suggestion is to include your website information or landing page address on mail materials to encourage customers to engage with your company online.

Integrating these marketing campaigns can provide your business with the following benefits:

  • Reach A Wider Audience
  • Exposes Message To Consumers Multiple Times
  • Provides Maximum Value For Advertising Dollars Spent
  • Boosts The Success Of Online Marketing Campaigns
  • Increase Your Presence In The Market
  • Increase Brand Image

The Bottom Line

The digital space is becoming more saturated and it can be difficult to get your digital marketing materials noticed by your customers. In their rush to be noticed online, many business owners fail to realize that mail marketing is an effective way to market their products and services. The five benefits of mail marketing explained above should not be ignored by business owners looking to grow and maintain their business.

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