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Category: Email Marketing

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Email Spam Law Businesses Must Follow

Today we bring you most important topic on Email Spam Law. There are nearly 4 billion active email users around the world. So it makes sense that email is one of the most popular ways for businesses to reach out to potential customers. But you cannot simply reach out to anyone and everyone via email whenever…
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Email Marketing Powerful Tips You Need to Know

Are you struggling to get good returns from your email marketing campaigns? If you answered that yes, then continue reading to get powerful email marketing tips that you need to know right now. Let’s dive right in. 1. Use the Double Opens Strategy When you use “double opens strategy,” more subscribers will open your emails. This means…
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5 Benefits of Mail Marketing

5 Benefits of Mail Marketing Direct mail marketing is an effective marketing technique that is sometimes forgotten in today’s internet age. Offers sent to consumers through the mail usually include a sales letter, full-color brochure, prepaid envelope, and order form. There are also magazines and inserts available for smaller companies to take advantage of mail…
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How to Write Email Series That Wins Hearts and Wallets

Email is inarguably a top marketing channel for communicating and connecting with customers and prospects—and converting those prospects into paying customers. Considering that there are myriads of newsletters to choose from, the exchange of a prospect’s email address for your newsletter or free trial subscription is a feat in and of itself. When a prospect…
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