Blog Writing – How to start a blog in 10 simple steps

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So you need to begin a blog writing and cut out a little corner of the web to call your own — that is a quite splendid and prevalent drive. We as people are truly making an entire digital measurement, cleaned ideal over our own; having your own particular square inch of a fresh out of the box new world is energizing! Very suggest!

We are blogging since 2006 in some shape or another, and beginning a blog path back-when has gotten me relatively each and every activity (and a significant number of the companions). On the off chance that it’s something you’re interested about doing, don’t let anything prevent you from making a plunge. Here’s our well ordered guide for what you have to know to begin blogging.

1. Pick your Topic and Plan for Blog Writing

What will your blog be about? Blogging isn’t reporting (however it can be, in case you’re a columnist); it’s close to home. It doesn’t bashful far from the “I.” Starting a blog is a responsibility — you’ll conceivably need to concoct years of posts on a theme, so it ought to be something that addresses your spirit.

In the event that it’s something you have a prior aptitude in, convey that learning to the table. On the off chance that it’s something you’ve for the longest time been itching to think about, bring an energy for look into and speak the truth about where you’re beginning — start as an apprentice.

What your adherents are extremely keen on, regardless of in case you’re discussing doughnuts or auto tires, is you. So in case you’re taking a trip and adapting new things (as we as a whole seem to be, consistently, always), discuss your procedure and the things that unexpected you.

When posting content on the web, you have an obligation regarding truth. Indeed, you may post imaginative pieces or changing names — web journals come in all shapes and sizes, after all — however what I advise everybody when I converse with them about beginning a blog is that we as a whole have a duty, as residents of the web, not to disintegrate the certainties.

That doesn’t mean you require references (however you may, in case you’re spreading out scholastic contentions or utilizing insights). In case you’re evolving names, make a note in the about area. In case you’re concentrating on sentiment, make it obvious in the composition. If all else fails, connect it out: where did you discover the reality or story or study you’re blogging about? Remain as straightforward as could be expected under the circumstances.

Star tip: Find your path

You probably won’t begin with ability in a subject and that is alright, however know about the social and social history of the current point. Is it accurate to say that you are blogging about Indigenous Hawaiian Art when you’re neither Indigenous nor Hawaiian? Make a stride back and consider for what reason you’re recounting the story you’re telling. I’m not saying don’t compose it; I am stating discover approaches to elevate the people as of now discussing it and do whatever it takes not to pass yourself off as a specialist. Keep in mind: with regards to a blog, your perusers are keen on what YOU convey to the table. So in case you’re going on a data travel, bring us along. Let us know precisely what standpoint you’re maintaining (and how you’re going to) a theme.

2. Construct your Community

Subject is fine, well and great, however a ton of themes are genuinely tight, and possibly you have five or six pieces on a point in you before you’ve investigated whatever you can. That is the reason I say alongside theme, consider network. What people group on the web do you have a place with? Where do you hang out? Who are you inspired by speaking with? Is it the lesbians who compose erotica? The cryptozoologists? The people concentrated for the most part on skincare and cosmetics? Cut out your specialty and make content only for them.

With regards to the web, network wins inevitably: the internet is tied in with associating individuals to other individuals, all things considered. So conceptualize a rundown of your most loved individuals to peruse and tune in to, and the sorts of networks they hang out in. How might you take an interest in the discussion?

Genius tip: Actually take part

I’m not simply looking at reacting to remarks alone blog, however it begins there. I’m looking at perusing and remarking on other individuals’ web journals who are composing likewise. Tail them via web-based networking media and genuinely draw in, and not on account of you need them to include you on their blog, or to come complete a visitor post on yours (however coordinated efforts are stunning and you ought to absolutely do them). Support just works when it’s real, since you’re keen on what they’re stating or doing and aren’t hoping to get something for yourself.

3. Set a posting plan — and stick to it

I will get specialized for one minute. With regards to SEO, sites that aren’t refreshed routinely fall in the Google query items. Yet, more vitally, don’t leave your perusers hanging! Pick a calendar and, except if arranged excursion or aggregate calamity happens, stick to it. Be sensible about that calendar — three times each day is most likely not for you, except if this is your all day work (and still, at the end of the day, back off, mate). Does once week after week work? When month to month?

Characterizing what achievement looks like ought to be an imperative piece of the underlying procedure. Advance back and ask yourself for what valid reason you need to do this. Is it since you’ve for the longest time been itching to make a webcomic and you couldn’t care less what number of people see it? Or then again would you like to conceivably dispatch another part of your profession or business? Whatever achievement intends to you, know this: it doesn’t occur in seven days. I’m giving you authorization to begin at the specific start. As Julie Andrews says, it’s a decent place to begin. Continue refreshing routinely and your prosperity will come, whatever that resembles to you. It may pause for a moment, so kick back and appreciate the trip.

Expert Tip: Write your initial three posts

Before you even begin futzing around with stages and facilitating, compose your initial three blog entries to check whether you like your picked subject and you have enough to say in regards to it. Try not to put them anyplace right now — utilize a program like Ulysses, iA Writer, or Byword that permits connecting (and distributes to an assortment of stages) to eliminate steps (and to get yourself a diversion free written work condition). This will enable you to hone your voice before you’ve at any point focused on putting a solitary blog entry on the web.

4. Select a blogging stage

Since you have an arrangement, it’s an ideal opportunity to make sense of how you will execute it. There are two spots you should need to begin with regards to the specialized perspectives — the first is a blogging stage. While numerous web designers are incredible for static pages, ensure you’re picking programming made particularly to blog, or you’re in for an exceptionally disappointing time.


Squarespace is expensive, however as far as value for fledgling money, it’s a phenomenal choice. It gives the blogging content supervisor, the host, and the space name across the board go. What’s more, with layouts, the plan watches awesome appropriate out of the container. They additionally have all day, every day client bolster and they’re exceptionally viable. On the off chance that you don’t have any past blogging knowledge, I exceedingly suggest in any event considering a begin here. They have a free preliminary so you can play around and see what working with Squarespace would feel like.


I regularly suggest WordPress on the grounds that it powers, as of March fifteenth, 2018, 30% of sites. That way, regardless of whether you quit blogging in a year or two, the aptitudes you’ve learned are translatable to a variety of employments since chances are great that your organization’s site will likewise keep running on WordPress. I additionally prescribe it in light of the fact that WordPress is a device that develops with you: regardless of whether you don’t know anything about HTML or web improvement, or you know a great deal, you can utilize WordPress at your level. What’s more, since it’s so prominent, a huge amount of originators have made free and paid formats for it, making the stage hella adaptable. There are two diverse WordPresses. WordPress.com is a benefit based stage with free and paid highlights where you can have and get your space name at a cost. WordPress.org is the home of the open-source WordPress programming, which is free however requires a couple of more strides to set up (like securing facilitating and an area name).


Tune in, in the event that you need a strong looking site and you have no cash and you’re great with a delightful (yet non specific) look, Medium is an astounding decision, and it’s the quickest method to begin a blog out of any of the alternatives recorded here. There’s a considerable measure that is certain about Medium other than that too. Numerous distributions keep running on Medium (think The Nib or drDoctor), so on the off chance that you happen to compose for any other person who utilizes Medium while you’re blogging, everything remains on your Medium Profile. You can likewise begin a collective blog effectively with Medium, so in case you’re taking a gander at something you and a companion can do together, this one may be for you.

Different alternatives

While those are my best picks, there are a lot of blogging stages out there to attempt. An exemplary one is Blogger by Google, which is free and simple, yet those web journals have a notoriety for being a bit on the monstrous side. At that point there’s Weebly, which has a free variation and distinctive levels of evaluating relying upon what you require, beginning at $4 month to month to associate an area you as of now have (more on that in a minute).

Wix is very like Weebly, with its most fundamental paid arrangement beginning at $5. Tumblr is an alternative if your blog is intended for being a fan or another extremist network (think Studyblr, a network of considering understudies, or Witchblr, a network of rehearsing Pagans), and it’s a free administration. You can even utilize an area name you as of now have, however it’s somewhat… best in class.

Ace Tip: Free preliminaries

Do them! Truth be told, notwithstanding for the stages that are allowed in the first place.

5. Claim your name

A domain name is that the address that folk sort into the browser to achieve your web site. It’s like your fingerprint on the net — no 2 area unit precisely the same. which implies if you have got a wonderful plan, you have got to look it at once to examine if it’s taken, and so snap it up if it’s not. however if you are doing snap it up and so you choose to travel with Squarespace, that comes with a site name registration, you’re paying supererogatory cash. There area unit such a big amount of ways in which to travel concerning this that a definitive stepwise is nigh close to not possible. All I will say is this: if you have got a superb plan for a site name without delay, stop reading and search it at one in all the subsequent registrars.


Namecheap is my personal favorite registrar, largely as a result of I’ve ne’er had a haul with it (and I’ve bought domains from loads of places). It’s straightforward to use with smart client support.


Domainr helps you to get a small amount additional clever along with your domain names by presenting you with many choices to spell what you sort victimisation the TLD (top level domain, otherwise called “the bit once the amount.” .com is that the commonest one). for instance, I helped found and run a literary magazine known as qu.ee/r — which was our address. .ee is that the Estonian TLD.

In the era of net past, the common knowledge was to require the name of your journal and certify to induce the .com, .org and .net URLs. that truly created a form of net traffic jam and that we currently have loads additional TLDs to decide on from — things like .design and .camp and .fun. The common knowledge doesn’t apply the maximum amount, however if you’ll be able to, grab the .com and one or two others with constant name that also apply to your journal title.

Even if you don’t extremely commit to use it to its fullest advantage, you must get your name thus nobody will do stuff you hate with it and so have it rank favorite in Google searches once individuals Google you. If you can’t get the .com, use another TLD — one thing, anything, simply get a variation of your name and place a landing page with a résumé up there, or forward it to your journal by adding it on your host as a forwarded domain.

6. Web Hosting

If you’ve chosen Squarespace, Medium, or the .com kind of WordPress, you really don’t got to worry concerning this bit. however if you’ve gone the route of the .org kind of WordPress (or any variety of alternative journal management platforms), you’ll got to place your journal on a server. primarily all meaning could be a pc that’s connected to the net 24/7 and might serve it quickly to browsers everywhere the globe, despite the time or place. a number could be a third party that virtually “hosts” your web site on a server. Here area unit some smart options:


Bluehost is price effective and has wonderful client service. i take advantage of Bluehost myself, and whenever I’m advising students or shoppers, I even have them use Bluehost furthermore. You get a free domain with loads of various packages, which implies your domain and your host will all be from one place (easier to stay track of and easier to line up). And if you’ve chosen to figure with WordPress, they’ve got a one-click WordPress install. putting in computer code on a server could be a very little additional advanced than doing thus while not your pc, associate degreed you may got to make out while not the good thing about an installer, that the one-click install extremely is clutch.


I bring this up as a result of you may have already bought your domain through them. Namecheap conjointly provides hosting, and if you would like the good thing about paying one supplier rather than many (and having the host and name work along while not doing something on your end), Namecheap is another wonderful choice. They even have a super-cheap WordPress choice for one greenback a month. excellent for a budding blogger!

Web Hosting for College Students

If you’re acting on multiple comes and you would like the barest of bones and you’re a student anyplace (not simply at a university or university), you may wish to think about net Hosting for college students. It’s $25 yearly for one web site, $50 for 3 (so if you and your friends all wish to begin blogs, getting in along on it is a wonderful deal), and $100 a year for unlimited websites (excellent if you’ve got an eye fixed for managing websites as a business).

Other choices

There area unit such a big amount of hosting services that it’s nearly not possible to do all of them, thus there area unit lots out there which may add up for you that I don’t have personal expertise with. Among them area unit HostGator, that begins at $2.75 monthly, and Dreamhost, that begins at $2.59 monthly. (Read additional concerning a number of the most effective low-cost hosting platforms here.)

Pro-Tip: Name servers

If your name is purchased somewhere aside from your host, you’re about to got to change the name and host to talk to every alternative — meaning dynamical the DNS, or name servers. All hosts have totally different name server names, thus look those informed your host 1st. Then head to your domain registrar. all of those is totally different too, however possible you’ll click on the name and there’ll be a vicinity for DNS or name servers.

If you’re victimisation Bluehost, here’s a crosscut to their tutorial. If you’re victimisation Namecheap, here’s a crosscut to theirs furthermore. Most registrars can have documentation with a stepwise that’s specific to their own programme. keep in mind that generally this modification is effective pretty quickly, and alternative times it will take up to twenty four hours for it to occur.

7. Learn some basic SEO

When it involves SEO (search engine optimization, or the art of showing on the primary page of Google), some things stay a mystery. Google’s precise rule could be a fastidiously guarded secret that they mention solely mistily, and intelligibly thus. loads of what we all know concerning SEO area unit created by release, guess, trial-and-error, and to high it all off, it’s all possible to alter at any moment.

What we tend to do apprehend is this: individuals write search engines to do to assume like humans. thus write clearly and organize your concepts sort of a person would and you’re golden. conjointly use a number of these fast tips and tricks — they aren’t the be-all and end, and if any of them interrupt your inventive flow, be at liberty to scrap them. however they may facilitate individuals notice you once they Google for your topic.

Organize victimization headers

Exactly like I’ve done here, clearly label your sections with headers. Google ranks topics in headers as additional necessary than what’s on the remainder of the page.

Stick to that schedule

Websites that area unit updated ofttimes and last rank as additional necessary once it involves Google search. thus keep in mind that schedule we tend to talked concerning means within the beginning? Well continue it—your readers can am passionate about it so can the robots.

Links area unit endorsements

Whether or not it’s really true, search engines read links as endorsements for the content on it explicit page. this can be ME telling you to link each showing wisdom and well, and that i am conjointly belongings you recognize that after you collaborate and participate and alternative blogs link to your web site, that’s useful. The robots scan your content as trustworthy, and so additional necessary.

Don’t trust search engines alone

People appear fixated on SEO, and that i really discourage that fixation. The robots will assist you, however they can’t prevent. keep in mind to cultivate a healthy social media posting schedule furthermore, and if you’re about to trust something in the slightest degree, {rely on|believe|consider|think concerning|suppose|deem|trust|admit|accept|have confidence|have faith in|place confidence in} taking part within the net communities that area unit blogging about constant or similar topics as you. Community wins anytime.

Pro-Tip: accessibility

The good news is that a number of the SEO pro-tips conjointly build it easier for blind people victimisation screen readers to access your content. thus act and caption that icon during a extremely careful, descriptive means. You’ll be glad you probably did, so can your readers WHO can’t see the show.
A bit cryptography information will take you a protracted means.

8. Learn to code.

All of the solutions listed here don’t need any information of code or net development to use. however the additional you recognize, the additional you’ll be able to do. If you recognize PHP, as an example, you’ll be able to customise WordPress templates or build your own theme. If you recognize JSON, you’ll be able to register as a Squarespace developer and do constant. Here area unit some places to induce started if you are feeling ambitious:


I’ve used Treehouse for years to brush informed things as I forget them (which is rapidly). Treehouse tutored ME CSS and enough PHP to induce myself into bother. they might teach ME additional PHP, in fact, if I were a additional dedicated student. they need wonderful forums, video courses, and badges for finishing things, that appeals to the Scout in ME. It’s $25 a month, and that they have a 7-day free trial (always do free trials!). They even have associate degree SEO course, that has tested terribly informative.



Lynda.com is a main web based learning website that enables anybody to learn business, programming, innovation and imaginative aptitudes to accomplish individual and expert objectives. Through individual, corporate, scholarly and government memberships, individuals approach the Lynda.com video library of connecting with, top-quality courses educated by perceived industry specialists.

For a long time, Lynda.com has helped understudies, pioneers, IT and structure professionals, venture administrators—anybody in any job—create programming, innovative, and business abilities. Presently part of Linkedin, Lynda.com serves in excess of 10,000 associations. With instructional exercises in five dialects, Lynda.com is a worldwide stage for progress.


If you’d just like the same breadth as Lynda for 0.5 the price, Skillshare can be associate degree choice for you. You’ll be able to access over twenty two, categories tutored by professionals. at just $15 per month. As a platform, it conjointly includes a digital focus. Learn on topics like creating web comics, mastering creative person, or the fundamentals of DSLR photography. Betting on what kind of production your journal needs, you may notice Skillshare terribly helpful.


Coursera could be a little totally different in this area courses from universities and schools. You even have the choice to induce certificates by doing multiple courses, most of that area unit $49 per month. You’ll be able to take courses in subjects like arts, physics, and science.


If your channel demonstrates — like makeup or painting miniatures, then YouTube can be the place for you.  The professional for this can be magnified visibility. The autoplay feature would possibly assist you out, as an example. The con could be a higher barrier to entry. Video needs additional instrumentation and computer code than writing. Conjointly if you’re a member of the LGBTQ community, do beware. YouTube demonetizes videos by queer creators. Think about using another service to host your videos, like Vimeo to permit your viewers to pay you for content.


Substack can be a much better home for your story. The e-mail write up has a renaissance, and since it’s going straight to associate degree inbox. It may be easier to manage nasty comments and feel nicer to share one thing additional intimate. Take into account however your voice would sound in associate degree email to create the choice between the 2. For your readers, would it not be higher to want they’re receiving a letter from a friend?


Micro blogging on Instagram is another choice, particularly if your posts area unit fairly short and perpetually. It embodies a video or a photograph. For some flourishing micro bloggers, inspect Juniper the Fox and Deserted in Paris.

10. Most Important: Follow Your Heart

Seriously. Follow your heart. Go wherever you’re curious, discuss with the individuals you would like to speak to. seek some various things. You’ll actually build mistakes and course-correct on the means, and that’s okay. It’s all a part of discovering what your corner of the net goes to be concerning. Simply remember: build the globe, each physical and digital, a much better place with what you place there. Currently get out there and begin blogging. See you on the internet!


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